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Mrs. Hanna Krause Candy, Inc.

Halloween Balls Milk Chocolate
Price: $6.35

BOO! Halloween Balls Foil wrapped cats, witches, and pumpkin milk chocolate balls.

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Halloween Jelly Beans
Price: $3.50 - $9.25

BOO! Halloween Jelly Beans Black and orange jelly beans.

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Chocolate Halloween Pops
Price: $1.75 - $4.25

BOO! Chocolate Halloween Pops Available in milk chocolate. Choose from skull, ghost, pumpkin, owl, witch, spider, dracula, cat, bat or spider.

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Halloween Skull
Price: $9.95

BOO! Halloween Skull Milk or dark chocolate hollow halloween skull. 

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Halloween Pumpkin
Price: $7.95

BOO! Small Hollow Halloween Pumpkin

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Halloween Witch
Price: $4.50 - $7.95

BOO! Halloween Witch

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Candy Corn
Price: $2.50 - $4.95

Candy Corn

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Jelly Pumpkins
Price: $3.98

BOO! Jelly Pumpkins

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Chocolate Motorcycles
Price: $1.75 - $12.95

Motorcycles - Small pop or large solid motorcycle

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Solid Flat Snow Man
Price: $6.50

Solid Flat Snow Man in Milk and Dark Chocolate

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Foil Wrapped Santas
Price: $7.35 - $10.50

Milk Chocolate Foilded Santas

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Foiled Christmas Balls
Price: $7.35 - $12.60

Milk or Dark Chocolate Foiled Christmas Balls

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1 lb. Christmas Assortment Box
Price: $23.95

Milk & Dark Chocolate 1lb Christmas box Assortment 

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Seasons Greetings Card
Price: $8.90

Solid Milk or Dark Chocolate Season Greetings Card

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Hollow Chocolate Santas
Price: $7.25 - $10.15

Milk or Dark Chocolate Hollow Santas 

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Star of David Pop
Price: $3.95

Milk or Dark Chocolate Star of David Pop

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Shalom Bar
Price: $5.45

Milk or Dark Chocolate Shalom Bar

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Happy Chanukah Bar
Price: $8.90

Soild Milk or Dark Chocolate Happy Chanukah Bar

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Milk and Dark Chanukah Box
Price: $23.95

Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment 15 oz. Chanukah Box

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9" Square Basket Tray
Price: $23.95

Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment in 9" Flat Basket

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2 lb. Assortment Red Tin
Price: $59.95

2 lb. Milk and Dark Assortment  in a two layer Red Tin

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Large Basket
Price: $55.95

1 lb. 12oz. Milk and Dark Assortment in Large Basket

Please specify occasion if needed. (Christmas, birthday,etc.)

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Medium Basket
Price: $43.95

1 lb. 8oz. Milk and Dark Assortment in Medium Basket

Please specify occasion if needed. (Christmas, birthday, etc.)

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Merry Christmas Bar
Price: $8.90

Milk or Dark Chocolate "Merry Christmas" Bar

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