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History of Mrs. Hanna Krause Candy

Alfred Krause apprenticed as a candy maker in Germany. At the age of thirteen, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Long Island New York, where his passion in candy making continued. After working long hours at his job, he would spend any spare time he had studying about chocolate and candy making.

In 1929, Alfred and his wife Hanna opened a gas station in Wyandanch, New York. In addition to selling gasoline, they began giving out a free, large homemade lollipop with each purchase of five gallons or more. It wasn't long before customers started asking to purchase the lollipops for birthday parties.

Soon after, due to the war and gas rationing, their gasoline business began to decline. Hanna and Alfred closed their station and opened a coffee shop which offered Hanna's cakes, cookies, ice cream and homemade candies.

They both realized they were making most of their profits from selling their homemade candy. So they decided to devote all of their time to making the most delicious homemade candy anyone has ever tasted.

Alfred told Hanna, " I will put your name in lights!". Hanna Krause Homemade Candy shop was born and her name has been in lights ever since.



Mrs. Hanna Krause's Candy Featured in Paramus Magazine
Spring 2009

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Paramus Magazine 2009